Top 10 futuristic gadgets you never knew

1.Bio Refrigerator

A Russian designer named Yuriy Dmitriev has proposed a Refrigerator called “Bio Robot Refrigerator” that cools your food by biopolymer gel. There are no shelves, compartments  –  just insert your food into the gel.


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The refrigerator concept designed as an entry for Electrolux Design Lab competition  utilizes only 8% of a household’s energy for the control pad and none for the actual refrigeration. The biopolymer gel in it uses light generated at cold temperatures to preserve the food and does not require a motor to do it. The gel has neither odor nor is sticky to touch. The refrigerator can be mounted on a wall, can be oriented in whichever direction and can also be fixed on the ceiling .( SOURCE )


2.Injectable Oxygen Particle

Scientists at Boston Children’s Hospital invented an oxygen filled microparticles that can be injected in the blood, which allows you to live even when you will not breathe.



Injectable Oxygen Particle
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The microparticles are made of single layer of lipid capsules that enclose a small bubble of oxygen. These capsules are typically 2 to 4 micrometers and are suspended in a liquid to keep their size under control as bigger bubbles are not desirable and could even be dangerous. When injected, these capsules travel and hit the red blood cells transferring the oxygen in the process. More than 70% of the oxygen was able to successfully enter the bloodstream this way.(source)


3. Bioluminescent Trees

Developers are taking the glow in the enzyme found in jellyfish and fireflies and creating bioluminescent trees. These trees may be used for lightning up public streets while being energy-neutral.



Bioluminescent Trees
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The idea is to use biomimicry to transform normal trees into streetlights to help the passersby see at night. The scientists, in collaboration with a designer, Daan Roosegaarde, are using the DNA of jellyfish, mushrooms and fireflies to help them in their quest. They have already developed smaller versions of the project by developing a plant that glows in the dark. Doing the same for the trees that could light up the streets is their next step.(source)

4. Chevrolet Corvette

Fastest Electric Cars
The Tesla Model S is  the fastest street legal electric car.Chevrolet Corvette is the fastest street legal electric car out there. It has been able to hit top speed of 186.8 miles per hour.

The design of the Corvette is nothing short but amazing. It has a 700 horsepower engine that allows the car to hit 0 to 60 in just three seconds flat. You can have it for $335,000.

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