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1. According to Bill Murray, the 2004 Hong Kong Comedy movie Kung Fu Hustle is “the supreme achievement of the modern age in terms of comedy”. – Source
2. Today, more people worldwide suffer from obesity (1.3 billion) than hunger (900 million). – Source
3. Russian Special Services still use typewriters to avoid online surveillance. – Source
4. Scotland’s national animals are unicorns and its national flower is thistles. Albania’s National animal is Dragon. – Source
5. A budgie named Puck is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as “The bird with the largest vocabulary in the world”. It has a vocabulary of 1728 words. Also, just doesn’t mimic, he often creates his own phrases and sentences. – Source

6. Many checks written by Marlon Brando were often never cashed as his signature was usually worth more than the amount on the check. – Source
7. In 1983, Marvel Comics actually published a number of comics about a ‘Spider-Pig’ though his name was Peter Porker, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Ham. – Source
8. Cats, unlike dogs, cannot be vegetarian – Source
9. It is estimated that, using concrete blocks to build a pyramid, it would take 5 years and would cost $5 billion. – Source
10. The galaxy M100 is so far away that if beings from there were to look at Earth right now, they would be watching the real-time extinction of the dinosaurs. – Source

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